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Why bring your yacht to Portland?

// Published 04/24/2015 by 360tours

Portland, one of the major cities in the State of Oregon is the northern sea port of the United States of America. Located at the confluence of the Columbia River and the Willamette River, the waterfront can accommodate ships, ferries and yachts of any size or length. There is plenty of space to moor your yacht making it a good reason to bring your yacht to Portland.

Portland is world renowned for its shipping facilities and other marine services and has the most sought after dry docks in the world. Some of the marine services vary according to different times of the year.Yachting clubs in Portland offer boat repair services, storage and maintenances and restorations. In addition, there are many thriving businesses selling spare parts for yachts. When you bring your yacht to Portland, you get an opportunity to take away something beautiful from Portland.

Due to its strategic location and temperate climate Portland is now a favorite destination port. Known by many names, it is popular for manufacturing businesses and recreation. If you are on a cruise, you should bring your yacht to Portland. You can restock your pantry, refuel and purchase your requirements for replacements and new equipments for the yacht.

Since of late, Portland has become very popular among yachting enthusiasts. Every year during selective periods, exhibitions like the Maine Boatbuilders Show are organised showcasing different types of yachts for sale. The Central Oregon Sportsmen’s show is one event yacht owners look forward to. It showcases the latest gears and equipments. The latest in marine crafts and fishing vessels are put on display at this exhibition; so you should bring your yacht to Portland.

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If you bring your yacht to Portland, you will not be disappointed. Portland ensures there are many activities for sports for those interested in watersports and boating enthusiasts. Sporting events like regatta are organised regularly every month. Wakeboards,kayaks and canoes can be purchased at these shows.

yacht to portlandEducation courses and resources for the new yacht owners and lifeguards are available at the the Marine Learning Center. Courses vary from Lifeguard Licensing courses, boating safety course, Introduction to Navigation courses and much more are offered. If you have just purchased a new yacht and you do not have much knowledge about how to handle it, you need to bring your yacht to Portland. The Marine Learning Center has customised courses to train you in handling your yacht covering every activity from the basics of sailing, performance and cruising. You also learn how to troubleshoot any problems while at sea and implement basic maintenance.

However, the State of Oregon has some laws pertaining to yachts and boats entering the port of Portland. All sea vessels are required to be registered and licensed with the State. According to the law, ‘all motor boats’ and ‘sailing boats 12 ft or longer’ have to be registered, in addition to purchase of insurance cover. Portland is a learning curb for yacht captains. The above are just some reasons as to why you should bring your yacht home.