Luxury Cruises in Florida Offer the Best of Everything

Cruising is a great vacation option for those who are looking for a family trip or a getaway with someone special. Luxury cruises departing from Florida are among the most popular in the world and it’s easy to see why. Florida itself is a top vacation destination with sunny, beautiful weather and a wealth of tourist attractions. This means that Florida travelers have the option of mixing a luxury cruise with some time spent on shore at some of the many exciting diversions the state offers.

florida-catamaranThe Florida coastline boasts no fewer than four ports that are designed to accommodate luxury, ocean-going vessels. Each is located in or near a major Florida city, which is sufficient reason to schedule a few days either in advance of a cruise or after disembarkation to enjoy the local sites. Cape Canaveral’s Port Canaveral is one of Florida’s busiest cruise ship docks. Others utilize Port Everglades at Ft. Lauderdale. In Tampa cruisers greet their ship at the Tampa Port Authority while the Port of Miami-Dade oversees such embarkations in Miami. No matter which of the four ports is used, cruisers are certain to experience a pleasant and efficient embarkation process.

Luxury cruises in Florida are all-inclusive vacations. The price of the cruise includes transportation, food, accommodations, and on-board entertainment. Other things, like shopping on board the ship and alcoholic beverages, will cost cruisers some extra money, but are well worth the indulgence. After all, a luxury cruise is unlike other cruises in that customers are offered the absolute best of everything. Premium liquor, upscale spa services, and the one-on-one attention of a personal trainer are just a few of the perks cruisers will find on board their ships.

A Florida luxury cruise promises the finest dining experience on the high seas. Most luxury cruise liners offer a variety of restaurant options from the traditional dining room to exclusive specialty restaurants. Though travelers may only go as far as the Bahamas or the Caribbean, their palette may be taken to exotic Japan or mystical Peru through the efforts of the talented chefs employed by cruise lines. One of the other nice additions to luxury cruises are the cabins. These are not the cramped, tiny cabins that do not boast a view that can be found on some ships. Instead, these are well-appointed, spacious accommodations that provide the guests with every possible amenity.


Service is key on a luxury cruise and those that sail from Florida are no exception. Most cruise lines boast staff members who are fluent in multiple languages and eager to please. Meeting expectations is never good enough. This means working to exceed the customer’s desires, something cruise line staff are accustomed to doing 24/7.

Florida luxury cruises depart all year long and sail to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, among other destinations. Some even offer trans-Atlantic sailings that terminate in Europe. With so many glamorous options from which to choose, it is no surprise that more people are choosing Florida luxury cruises.