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Why bring your yacht to Portland?

Portland, one of the major cities in the State of Oregon is the northern sea port of the United States of America. Located at the confluence of the Columbia River and the Willamette River, the waterfront can accommodate ships, ferries and yachts of any size or length. There is plenty of space to moor your yacht making it a good reason to bring your yacht to Portland.

Portland is world renowned for its shipping facilities and other marine services and has the most sought after dry docks in the world. Some of the marine services vary according to different times of the year.Yachting clubs in Portland offer boat repair services, storage and maintenances and restorations. In addition, there are many thriving businesses selling spare parts for yachts. When you bring your yacht to Portland, you get an opportunity to take away something beautiful from Portland.

Due to its strategic location and temperate climate Portland is now a favorite destination port. Known by many names, it is popular for manufacturing businesses and recreation. If you are on a cruise, you should bring your yacht to Portland. You can restock your pantry, refuel and purchase your requirements for replacements and new equipments for the yacht.

Since of late, Portland has become very popular among yachting enthusiasts. Every year during selective periods, exhibitions like the Maine Boatbuilders Show are organised showcasing different types of yachts for sale. The Central Oregon Sportsmen’s show is one event yacht owners look forward to. It showcases the latest gears and equipments. The latest in marine crafts and fishing vessels are put on display at this exhibition; so you should bring your yacht to Portland.

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If you bring your yacht to Portland, you will not be disappointed. Portland ensures there are many activities for sports for those interested in watersports and boating enthusiasts. Sporting events like regatta are organised regularly every month. Wakeboards,kayaks and canoes can be purchased at these shows.

yacht to portlandEducation courses and resources for the new yacht owners and lifeguards are available at the the Marine Learning Center. Courses vary from Lifeguard Licensing courses, boating safety course, Introduction to Navigation courses and much more are offered. If you have just purchased a new yacht and you do not have much knowledge about how to handle it, you need to bring your yacht to Portland. The Marine Learning Center has customised courses to train you in handling your yacht covering every activity from the basics of sailing, performance and cruising. You also learn how to troubleshoot any problems while at sea and implement basic maintenance.

However, the State of Oregon has some laws pertaining to yachts and boats entering the port of Portland. All sea vessels are required to be registered and licensed with the State. According to the law, ‘all motor boats’ and ‘sailing boats 12 ft or longer’ have to be registered, in addition to purchase of insurance cover. Portland is a learning curb for yacht captains. The above are just some reasons as to why you should bring your yacht home.

Holidays in the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is home to some truly stunning beaches. With over 60 miles of beaches for you to enjoy, 13 of which are award winning, whether you want to visit during the peak summer months or just for a relaxing Winter break to escape the madness of Christmas and the accompanying stresses you’ll be thrilled with what is on offer. With beautiful cycle ways and walking paths on offer you can enjoy the panoramic views at any time of the year.

There is much to see and do in the Isle of Wight if you like taking day trips and with many holiday companies offering free ferry transfers you can take your car with you and get to visit even more destinations. With everything from zoos to vineyards on offer here you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. There is a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family including children of all ages and there are even free excursions and activities available all over the Island at various times of the year.

A boat trip to visit Needles rocks & Lighthouse close up is a real must do while here and you’ll be able to see the wonderful coloured sands of Alum Bay. Fakenham Farm offers a chance to see some rare, exotic and more traditional farm animals too which is very interesting for children of all ages. Older children and couples without children will enjoy the lights of the Isle Of Wight glass studio that allows you to see hand blown glass of all shapes and sizes and perhaps even pick up a one of a kind souvenir.


Holiday parks on the Isle of Wight offer a fantastic place to lay your head at the end of a long day exporing the island. With lush green fields and because coastal views close by there are many holiday parks on offer. There are amenities for the children including heated indoor pools for the Winter months and outdoor pools for the Summer months, jam-packed entertainment including childrens clubs and excursions for the whole family too. For the adults there are bars, grown up entertainment, stage shows and other things to see and do as well as crèche facilities in selected parks or even a babysitting service for slightly older children that is more suited to their needs.


In addition to all of the above staying at a holiday park as opposed to hotels available on the Isle of Wight allow you to arrive at your destination after several hours of travelling to beds that are already made and an on site restaurant with food and drink available at all times of the day. With many parks offering full maid service, linen service and other facilities too you can travel light and arrive at the Isle of Wight knowing that you have a fresh clean bed to lay your head in at the end of every days exploration.

There are many things to see and do in the Isle of Wight making it the perfect destination at any time of the year. With ferry journey times from just 30 minutes you can be in another country in no time and with absolutely no flying involved at all!

Top Tips to Choosing a Cruise and Stay deal in the Caribbean

Cruise and Stay deals are hot-hot-heat this summer holiday season. With more and more people looking for something different to a traditional beach front hotel holiday in the Caribbean, cruise and stay deals are setting a new trend in holiday making for this beautiful part of the world.

Turn back the clocks some 10 or so years and the idea of an ‘all inclusive holiday’ was non-existent, but looking now at their ever rising popularity, travel agents are tipping cruise and stay deals to be ‘the new black’ in the family and package holiday market space for 2011 and into 2012, for this very reason the team behind Travel Stuff have put together this list of the 4 top reasons why you and your family should choose a cruise and stay deal from one of the islands in the Caribbean sea.

Carribean Cruises

Top reason Number one

Caribbean Cruises have lots to offer, with different islands having local traditions and styles. Being stuck on just one island in the Caribbean is like buying a selection box of chocolate and only eating the Toffee Fudge ones. There is loads of variety and local treasures and history in the Caribbean Sea that you simply have to go there and see it to believe it.

Top Tip Number two

The best of both worlds – cruise and stay deals are just that; the best of both worlds… You can combine a week in a luxury ‘all inclusive’ beach front hotel, where you can relax and soak up the sun, then you are to be picked up by the cruise liner staff and taken on an adventure to the port where you climber aboard one of the largest, luxury cruise ships floating the ocean today. Your cruise is set to last 7 or 14 days, even 15 and longer. As you are whisked around the Caribbean Sea you will stop at various locations in and around the Caribbean and see sights like Havana in Cuba.


Top Tip Number three

luxury yachtsYou are safe and secure aboard ship and on land. The Caribbean islands rely heavily on tourism to provide their countries with high GDP, bearing this in mind the Caribbean is considered a very safe place to travel, with the recent terror attacks on the adjoining contentment s to Asia and the Middle East, the Caribbean has in recent years seen a dramatic rise in the number of holiday makers venturing here for a safe holiday.

Top Tip Number four

the Weather – The Caribbean is famous for its glorious sunshine, albeit a little windy in some places in the in Caribbean temperatures in this part of the world rarely drop below 20 degrees, even in winder, there is a dry and a rainy season on some of the Caribbean Islands, so be sure to check when you cruise and stay deal is booked for, as you wouldn’t want to visit on rough seas… The oceans in this part of the world have claimed many ships, but once you see the size of your luxury cruise liner, you will see how inferior those vessels are in comparison to modern cruise liners built specifically for floating the Caribbean.

With these top tips in mind, you should be set to book yourself a cruise in the Caribbean, Imagine Cruising website has some terrific Caribbean cruise deals on offer, so before you book with anyone else, it is worth visiting this site to compare the cost of your cruise against and imagine cruise.

All Rhodes Lead to Beauty

Why Go?

The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Rhodes boasts a stunning Acropolis that rivals its mainland counterpart for both history and beauty. Moreover, there are endless beaches of golden sand, one of the most picturesque Old Towns in Europe, and a kaleidoscope of sensory catalysts in the shape of mountains, olive trees and vineyards. That, in a nutshell, is why you should go to Rhodes.


When to Go

Similarly to its neighbouring islands, and indeed the mainland too, Rhodes enjoys a superb all-year-round climate and is popular with visitors throughout the seasons. If you’re planning an active trip, with plenty of walking and sight-seeing, you may want to avoid the peak months of June, July and August, when temperatures can soar into the 30s.

Good months to visit are April–May/ September–October, when you’re pretty much guaranteed sun, but without the debilitating heat of mid-Summer. The island is also relatively quite during these periods, giving you a sense of space and tranquillity.

Getting there and around

Rhodes is best reached by air. There are ferries from the mainland, but these can take up to half a day.

Rhodes Diagoras Airport connects to a vast number of European destinations, and is served by several low-budget European airlines including Easyjet, Ryanair, Thomas Cook and Thomson. From the US, Continental runs flights from Newark, NY to Athens on the Greek mainland. Rhodes can be reached by domestic flight from Athens, or, as mentioned above, and if you can spare the time, ferry.

Once on the island, public buses run frequently from the airport to Rhodes Town until late. However, buses to the south of the island, including Lindos, stop after about 9pm, so if you are landing late you may want to consider pre-booking a hotel transfer to avoid a hefty taxi fare (€75 to Lindos).

Alternatively, hiring a car is strongly recommended for anyone visiting Rhodes. There are 5-6 car rental desks located in arrivals at the airport, ranging from low-end to more renowned firms such as Hertz and Avis. We opted for Budget, and took a Nissan Micra for the whole week, costing us an affordable €150.

Best Attraction

Looming large over the stunning town of Lindos is an imposing Acropolis, used to defend the island against the Ottomans in the 14th Century. Whilst lacking the same aura of grandiosity of its Athens counterpart, Lindos’ answer is physically more striking. Even six centuries later, one can imagine the castle being used to fortify the town against its aggressors.


As an added bonus, the castle was also refreshingly free of the tat-peddlers that you usually find at any popular tourist site, whilst the panoramic views of the Aegean Sea offered each way you turned were simply breathtaking. Meanwhile back at street level you will find a myriad of quaint rooftop cafes, bars, restaurants, and Lindos hotels.

Best Unusual Attraction

At the very southern tip of the island is a remote town called Prasonisi. This is real Wild West territory, with a couple of shops and a petrol station the sum total of the amenities. The town has a long sandy beach that was utterly deserted when we visited. If this wasn’t enough of a novelty, we also discovered that you can actually walk across the sea to another island, also called Prasonisi. Of course, you can impress your friends back home by embellishing this 5-minute, knee-deep amble until it resembles the story of Moses crossing the Red Sea!

Best Activity or Tour

Highly recommended is a tour of Siana, a small town on the west coast of the island, famous for its production of honey. Thanks to its relatively secluded position, miles from the hot spots of Rhodes Town and Lindos, it has remained delightfully free of commercial cynicism and ruthlessness.

At the rickety stalls that line the pavement, there were no hard sells; just simple people selling simple honey at simple prices. We were suitably enchanted, and bought up a few jars of the sweet stuff, as well as some tins of earthy, delicious olive oil that I’ve been cooking with every day since I returned.

Best Lodgings

There is an excellent range of Rhodes Hotels to choose from. For sheer value for money, you will do well to beat the 5-star Mitsis Rhodos Village resort, located in the town of Kiotari, on the south of the island. This hotel is best suited for families and couples looking for a relaxing and affordable all-inclusive stay.

It is spread across a vast site with traditional rooms as well as apartments scattered throughout the resort. The hotel backs onto Kiotari beach which is unexceptional but adequate. Here you can enjoy watersports, though these are not part of the all-inclusive deal. The beach bar serves up snacks, drinks and ice cream throughout the day (free to hotel guests)

Back at the hotel, there are three swimming pools to choose from, the nicest of which is the infinity pool at the top of the hotel, which backs onto a good-quality Italian restaurant complete with wood-fired oven.

Best Eats

The atmospheric Koykos café in Rhodes New Town was fantastic – and not just for the food. Street-facing window-ledge seats are a people-watcher’s dream, while inside is a cavernous maze leading to a quaint courtyard and terrace. Our waiter, despite being run off his feet, still found the time and energy to helpfully talk us through the menu.